It’s June. It’s hot. We all have those days where we mentally project ourselves to somewhere like this tropical island.

Vacationing in the tropics remains a dream for most of us, but the tastes of the tropics are close at hand in the form of tropical fruits like bananas.

Bananas are used year round in mostly dessert-forms. However, they can be key in other applications like grilling, where the banana leaves can be used as a wrapping.

We like to carry unique products, like the Bananza slicer we featured on Facebook earlier. Not only are they neat and fun, but functional as well. They can help us execute some of the recipes we find throughout the dog days of summer. You don’t need to slice your bananas for these recipes;  just get cookin’!

Thai Fried Bananas (Kluay Kaek)

A happy departure from standard American banana fare, the wonderful Thai Foodcast blog details this common dessert found mostly with Thai street vendors. What is great about this dish is the sensory appeal. Of course, the rich texture and banana flavor are prevalent, but as they fry, these beauties emit a sweet banana fragrance, as well. And let’s not forget the best part, the appearance. They’re fried! Who in the name of Paula Deen would not love that?!

We recommend using a good carbon-steel wok like #14676,  our 16″ Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok With Side Handles.  Of course, any carbon-steel wok would do well, but we like the capacity the 16″ version offers.

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Finding gluten-free treats that taste great can be like hailing a taxi in a major city; next to impossible. Luckily we can reference the awesome Hey,That Tastes Good! blog by Jill Feingold, who gives a step-by-step account of her adventures of cooking and baking in the gluten-free world.  Lucky for us, her husband Alex decided to give peanut butter another go-round. Even though the banana is the star, we couldn’t imagine this recipe without it. The photo below is of her finished banana bread, too.

Obviously, there are a ton of loaf pan options to choose from. You can go the cutesy route and try the Petite Loaf Pan (#15301), with 9 individual spots. Or, you could try a more banana-centric pan, the Terracotta Banana Baker, #7422. The recipe would have to be adjusted to suit the capacity for both. The terracotta baker is crafted to fit a peeled banana, so this would produce a banana bread suitable for sharing between two people, while the Petite  pans yield loaves approximately 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″. Of course, we have plenty of other great loaf pans to choose from too!

Have your own recipe you’d like to share? Send it to us at

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