Molecular March: That’s a Wrap

What a month! We spent March showing you how to use Molecular Gastronomy techniques to enhance the flavors and textures of your dishes. From foams to gels to the Sous Vide, there area wealth of options for the experimental chef. We ushered in the month with a fantastic demo by the people from Culinary Imports, who showed us the tip of the molecular gastronomy iceberg. We snapped some interesting and fun photos from that first week, and wanted to share a few here.

For all the ingredients used in these demos, check out our Molecular Gastronomy page.

Thanks to Culinary Imports, BioZoon, all of the wonderful staff for helping plan all our demos this month and of course, everyone who stopped by to take part! We hope you learned as much as we did this month about the new frontiers in food science!

We’ll be revisiting one of the more popular creations from the March demos this Saturday in our store, and showing off a new product, the ISI Gourmet Whip cream whipper/foam maker. This is one of the best whippers on the market and a favorite of culinary professionals. Among other things, it allows you to very quickly and easily infuse liquids like olive oil or vodka with many different flavors. We’ll be making thyme-infused lemonade – AND we’ll be turning it into a foam with Spuma! You’ll be able to try both the liquid and foamy versions.  The fun starts at 11 on Saturday, and it’ll keep going till 3. Make sure you stop by!

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