2014 Holiday Staff Picks – Anything Goes

Last week, we compiled a list of our favorite holiday gift items under $50. This week, we asked our staff to choose a gift from our wide selection of kitchen wares that they would love to give or receive this year if budget weren’t an issue. Some went for useful items that help make everyday cooking and baking easier and more fun, while others went all out and chose their ultimate fantasy gifts. Read below to see what they said!

Alice: #613492 Boldric Leather Two Buckle Knife Roll 18-Pocket, Black ($274.99)


“This is a gift that you can be certain any chef would appreciate, and would be proud to walk into the kitchen with. Not only beautiful, this luxury knife bag is also durable, made with water buffalo hide and brass buckles, and has slots to hold up to 18 knives or tools. Boldric also makes smaller leather knife bags for those who don’t need to carry as many knives, and 100% cotton canvas knife bags for a more utilitarian look.”

Annie: #613891 PL8 Professional Mandoline Slicer ($59.99)


“I really love my PL8 mandoline, and would recommend it to anyone as a great holiday gift! It’s easy to adjust the slicing thickness, and to switch the blades from slicing to julienne to waffle cut. The cleaning is a breeze, as well. The quality and price of this product can’t be beat!”

Ashley: Mason Cash ‘In The Forest’ Mixing Bowls

#21774 Hedgehog Bowl, Green, Size 30  8.25″ diameter, 4″ tall ($17.99)

#21773 Rabbit Bowl, Cane, Size 24 9.75″ diameter, 4.5″ tall ($23.99)

#21772 Owl Bowl, Cream, Size 18 10.75″ diameter, 4.5″ tall ($29.99)

#21771 Fox Bowl, Cream, Size 12 11.25″ diameter, 5.25″ tall ($34.99)


“There are some kitchen essentials that, if you add a little whimsy and style, can really make the most basic items a kitchen favorite. My ‘must have’ this holiday season are the Mason Cash Mixing Bowls.  These bowls are super easy to care for, chip resistant stoneware ceramic that are also microwave and dishwasher safe. But the best thing about these bowls is the animal collection called ‘In The Forest.’ Each bowl in the collection features a different design in soft, natural colors: forest fox, forest owl, forest rabbit and forest hedgehog.  The price range is from $17.99 to $34.99 each, but of course if we are talking “wish list” gifts, I would ask for the whole set (just over $100). A perfect combination of totally adorable and totally functional, these bowls definitely top the list for this holiday season.”

Barb: #1453 Zwilling JA Henckels Four Star 3-Piece Essentials Starter Knife Set ($99.99 – regular price $210.00)


“This Henckels 3-Piece knife set is practically everything you need in your cutlery arsenal! You get an 8” chef’s knife, a 5” tomato knife, which also works as a small bread knife, and a 4” parer. It’s a great set for people who are just getting into cooking, or for those wanting to upgrade to a higher quality brand of cutlery.”

Brian: #613983 Saeco Intuita SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine ($599.99 – regular price $699.99)


“This fully automatic espresso machine features programmable pour length, strength control, hot water on demand, steam arm for frothing, and a conical burr grind. Just add coffee and you will be making your favorite coffee bar drinks in no time!”

Dennis: Pasta Gift Pack

#8845 Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker ($79.99 – regular price $99.99)

 Assorted Corzetti Stamps ($29.99)

#1582 Ravioli Maker Large Form, 2.5″, 10 Cup ($19.99)

#17160 Making Artisan Pasta by Aliza Green ($16.99 – regular price $24.99)


“It’s not just for the holidays, this is my go-to gift package! For weddings (with a little “dough”) or birthdays, this pasta-making package is a gift that can be enjoyed over and over again.”

Liana: #613254 Victorinox Swivel Knife Block and Tablet (or Cookbook) Holder ($49.99 – regular price $60.00)


“FINALLY a knife block that does more than just take up valuable counter space! I love this block for it’s small footprint and its double use to lean my tablet on while cooking. It’s never been easier to follow a recipe, and your knives are close at hand when you need them, just a simple swivel away.”

Mariella: #613779 Sitram Profiserie Stainless Steel Half-Stockpot, 10.6 Quart ($103.99 – regular price $149.99)

#613784 Sitram Profiserie Stainless Steel Lid, 11″ ($25.99 – regular price $36.99)


“I absolutely love this pot – it looks and functions like an industrial stock pot, and can be used on all stovetops, including induction. This heavy-duty pot can be used in the oven, and has a lifetime guarantee. Being Italian, I always feel the need to cook in great quantities, hence the large size. But this French company also makes smaller sizes in stock pots, sauce pans and fry pans.”

Nadia: #12911 Emile Henry ‘Le Pain’ Bread Cloche, Red ($129.99)

#12701 8” Round Brotform Basket ($20.99)

#23497 15” Danish Bread Dough Whisk ($6.99)


“Nothing smells or tastes better than a fresh baked loaf of bread, and the Emile Henry ‘Le Pain’ Bread Cloche is one of my favorite items for baking bread. It’s the perfect gift for the experienced, as well as the aspiring baker, with an easy to follow recipe booklet. Pair it with an 8″ brotform for making a beautiful coiled loaf of whole grain bread, and a dough whisk, and they surely won’t be disappointed.”

Neomie: #71717 iSi Gourmet Whip Plus 1 Pint Stainless Steel Cream Whipper ($129.99 – reg price $149.99)


“When I was asked to do a demo for this iSi cream whipper, I’ll be honest, I was a little scared! It looks so professional. The things you can do and make with this whipper will blow your mind, and what’s super cool is how easy it is to use! You can make both cold and hot foams, and have fun with rapid infusion (which is my favorite part!). This will definitely impress your guests and have them realize the master chef that you are!”

Nina Rose: #613835 Yaxell Tsuchimon 8” Chef Knife ($119.99 – reg price $149.99)

Yaxell Tsuchimon shown here in 5″.

“A chef is only as good as her knife, and the Yaxell Tsuchimon Chef Knife is on the top of my wish list this year! Made from 3 layers of forged Japanese steel, with hammer marks on the upper part of the blade and a wave line that’s reminiscent of a Japanese Katana sword, I would feel like the ultimate top chef with this in my kitchen.”

Paulino: #121338 Emile Henry 4.2 Quart Stew Pot ($99.99)


“Everyone needs a good stew pot. Whether you’re making soup, rice, stew or roasted chicken, nothing seals in moisture quite like the glazed French Burgundy clay of this Emile Henry pot. It has a lovely country appeal to it, and food looks wonderful being served from this Dutch oven style pot from stove or oven to table.”

Vanessa: #1066 Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker with Compressor ($298.99 – reg price $450.00)


“If I woke up and saw this ice cream maker under my tree I would probably scream! The past summer I made so much ice cream, sorbet and fresh fruit pops that I had to make a frozen treat section in my freezer. Waiting for my bowl to refreeze was such a pain when I was trying to do multiple batches in my regular ice cream maker. The compressor-run ice cream maker would have made life so much easier, since you don’t have to freeze the bowl in advance – just turn it on and go!”

Zach: #71244 Fagor Electric Multi-Cooker ($99.99)


“In these winter months nothing beats a hot, warm meal, some sweat pants and your favorite movie when you get home. That’s why the Fagor 3-in-1 Multicooker is the perfect gift. It is a rice cooker, a slow cooker, and a pressure cooker in one device. It saves space in your kitchen allowing you to get rid of each of your separate 3 devices and replace it with just one.  You can even make risotto in just 6 minutes. The slow cooker is programmable up to 8 hours and the pressure cooker is programmable up to 5. For anyone who enjoys the tastes and smells of a slow cooked meal or for the person who just never can find the time to cook, this makes for one enjoyable and exciting gift to receive or give.”

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