Fante’s Custom Coffee Blends

Fante's Coffe of the Day MenuJust a walk into our brick and mortar shop in Philadelphia’s historic Italian Market, and you’ll often hear the exclamation, “It smells amazing in here!” Hang a right past the cutlery case, and you’ll find a wonderland of everything from green, unroasted coffee beans to flavored coffee blends, and all the necessary tools to make the ultimate cup of joe.

For years, we’ve been collaborating with only the best coffee roasters to bring you exclusive blends and roasts that we feel proud to call our own. Here’s a breakdown of signature coffees that you can only find right here at Fante’s:

Fante’s House Blend

This smooth, flavorful blend is a top seller, and what we believe a well-balanced coffee should be, with its solid combination of flavor and aroma (and without any of the bite or aggressiveness that characterize many coffees today). Unlike many coffee bars that use an established blend as their house coffee, we worked with our roasters to achieve our signature smooth and flavorful cup – a medium but rich coffee featuring premium South American beans, harmoniously blended in-house with Guatemalan Altura beans. This blend is also available in decaffeinated.

Old Government Java

This is the flavor that made the isle of Java synonymous with coffee. The beans initially took months at sea in large wooden ships to get to America, acquiring a distinctly buttery and full bodied cup character, with a fine, smooth taste and very low acidity. A medium roasted, this coffee is blended exclusively for us to mimic the flavor profile of traditional Java coffee. Old Government Java is a nod to the gourmet coffee of long ago, before the increased preference for more vibrant, high-toned coffees with notable acid profiles came into vogue.

IMG_3668Vintage Colombian

Roasted dark with a smooth finish. Certain coffees, like fine wines, improve with age. Proof in point: our coffee roaster ages our Vintage Colombian coffee for us before roasting, which concentrates its well-balanced flavor while developing a richness and appealing aroma. Ageing the unroasted beans reduces the acid in the coffee, removing the bitter undertones typically found in darker coffee roasts.

Alice’s Restaurant

If you’ve been asleep since the sixties, this will gently reawaken you. A captivating blend of three Central American Alturas with the smooth fullness of Colombian and Kenya AA beans. Customers and staff alike debate whether this blend was named for the Arlo Guthrie song, or for our longtime coffee department guru, Alice (who once had a restaurant). After starting your day with a cup of Alice’s Restaurant, you’ll feel you can get anything you want!

French Mara Roast

The smoothest of all French roasts, it is bold yet not too piquant. What differentiates this coffee from other French Roasts is that it has been specially roasted twice for us, resulting in a super dark bean. Its prominent strength makes it excellent alone and also ideal for blending with milder coffees.

Bella Vista Blend – New!

Exclusively roasted and blended for us by our friends at Philly Fair Trade Roasters and named for the South Philly neighborhood we have called home since 1906. A dark, full-bodied blend of some of our coffee buyer’s favorite South American beans. We worked with Philly Fair Trade to create a robust coffee that is both balanced and drinkable. A treat for anyone who loves a strong, pick-me-up coffee.

Bubbling Moka Espresso BrewFante’s Espresso Riserva

Creamy, rich and intense says it all. In the early 80’s, when we first started making espresso in the store, we were not happy with the different beans that were tested. We thought that real Italian espresso might be a distant dream, but we worked closely with a roaster until we were able to developed this signature blend that most closely resembled the excellent flavor we had left behind in Italy.

Espresso Verino

Custom blended for our father, Verino, his namesake espresso is our most sophisticated espresso blend, for the discriminating palate. It features complex, bittersweet notes and a hint of chocolate. Blended in-house. Verino was in his 80’s when he developed a sweet tooth and we created this blend especially for him. Today, he’s 98 and still enjoying his daily espresso.

Fante’s Decaf Espresso

We developed this blend after finding a lack of quality decaf espresso on the market. Our special creamy, full-bodied taste holds up even when decaffeinated. Lots of flavor, and pleasantly bittersweet. Blended in-house.

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