2016 Holiday Gift Guide

As lovers of all things cooking and baking, we each have a list of dream gifts we would love to receive for our kitchens! This week, our team tells you about their most coveted gift in the store, without budget limitations. (For our 2016 picks under $50, see last week’s blog post here.)

Finex 12” Covered Skilletbm2016

This beautiful piece of artisan cookware is put together by hand in Portland, OR. The attention to quality detail makes this piece stand out from other cast iron cookware. The smoothly machined surface resists sticking and is easy to clean. The heaviness of the skillet allows for even heating, and its coil handle stays cool to the touch while cooking. A must have piece for the artisan foodie in your life!


nv2016Fante’s Wooden Pastry Board

The natural wood surface of the Fante’s Pastry Board is ideal for kneading bread dough and working with pizza, pasta and pastries. The small backsplash helps to contain the flour on the board, and I can put it on my table for additional working counter space. It is my go-to work surface.


Le Creuset Limited Edition Quatrefoil Round Dutch Ovendm2016

Only 1,925 of these were made to celebrate the founding of Le Creuset in 1925. Each limited edition piece is specially numbered. The 4.5 quart size is perfect for everyday use. What better gift than a limited edition Le Creuset dutch oven that will last a lifetime?



aw2016iSi Gourmet Whip Plus

The iSi Gourmet Whip Plus is the perfect tool for the home chef looking to bridge the gap between the dining room table and a 5-star bistro, no reservations required.



Frieling 10 Cup Insulated French Pressbs2016

It is simply stunning.



ne2016Matfer Stainless Steel Croquembouche

Perfect as a dramatic centerpiece for a dessert table! Purchase it for the person in your life who loves baking and already has all the basic tools. I love making choux a la crème (cream puffs), and this croquembouche would be ideal for a larger display.



Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookwarems2016

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that can be said for Swiss Diamond fry pans, too! This is by far the best quality nonstick pan I have ever used. I can easily fry an egg with very little butter and nothing sticks, making it simple to clean, too!



Rumtopf Pot with Creme Finishtr2016

I have been exploring the art of fermentation for a few years, and this Rumtopf pot is not only pleasing to the eye, but is sturdy enough to get the job done for years to come.


32 Bottle Spice Rackak2016

I love to give gifts that people wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves. While spice racks certainly are not the sexiest of kitchen tools, having your spices organized and accessible while cooking is something you appreciate every time you reach for a seasoning. This rack is beautifully made in the USA, and has 32 empty bottles – the perfect size for someone who loves to cook.


Cuisinart Electric Percolatorah2016

There is no coffee I love more than percolator coffee because it is hot, strong and rich. Once a household staple, percolators are gaining in popularity again. The Cuisinart Electric Percolator makes my perfect cup of coffee that does not require reheating in the microwave. It has a small footprint, is sturdy, makes up to 12 cups of coffee in less than 10 minutes and will hold the temperature for about 2 hours without that burnt flavor.


Fagor Lux Electric 6 Quart Multicookerjp2016

Easy to use and clean! For Thanksgiving, I cooked a turkey breast using the slow cooker function, locked on the lid and easily transported it to dinner and plugged it in to keep the breast warm on the buffet line. Use it as a pressure cooker to quickly make healthy meals at the last minute, or use its accessory functions to make rice or yogurt.


Miyabi Red 600S 8” Chef Knifett2016

The hybrid design of this knife is a winning combination: you get the feel of a Japanese blade and cutting angle with all the benefits of German steel.



Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Makerldw2016

Store the bowl in the freezer and have homemade ice cream in 30 minutes – instant dessert without any added unwanted ingredients!


Atlas 150 Pasta Makerep2016

What better way to show your family some love than with homemade pasta and a traditional Sunday dinner? This quality pasta machine made by Marcato in Italy is beautiful and built to feed families for a lifetime.


me2016J.K. Adams Personalized Cutting Boards
98 boards and 20 etching styles to choose from

Unique and fun, these gifts can be as personal as you are creative. We have a few boards available featuring some of our favorite sayings, but you can have whatever you like laser etched onto an artisan cutting board that is made in the USA. Call us for more information or to place a special order (215) 922-5557. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production and shipping.


lo2016Palmer Monogrammed Pizzelle Iron

Make your pizzelles your own by adding a monogram to your pizzelle iron! Up to 7 characters can be placed into the center of a Palmer Model 1000 electric pizzelle iron that is made here in Pennsylvania. I gifted myself one last year, and I love giving out pizzelles with my monogram on them. Call us for more information or to place a special order (215) 922-5557. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.



Happy Holidays!

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