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The Great Pumpkin (Bread French Toast), Charlie Brown

We’ve reached that beautiful time of year when thoughts turn from October treats to November feasts — turkeys brining, potatoes mashing, and cranberries, um… saucing. And let’s not forget the Great Pumpkin, both the watchable (Charlie Brown!) and edible versions. Pumpkin is a flavor that straddles the divide between these two wondrous months.

Everyone’s favorite squash cousin serves as both a creepy decoration for Halloween and a delectable side dish for Thanksgiving, in the form of pumpkin pie. Since millions of pumpkin pies will undoubtedly dot the Turkey Day landscape across the country next week, we wanted to mix things up. Rather than mess with an all-time classic dish, we decided to change the medium altogether, while still keeping the seasonal flavor. Thus, this week’s masterpiece: Pumpkin Bread French Toast.

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It’s June. It’s hot. We all have those days where we mentally project ourselves to somewhere like this tropical island.

Vacationing in the tropics remains a dream for most of us, but the tastes of the tropics are close at hand in the form of tropical fruits like bananas.

Bananas are used year round in mostly dessert-forms. However, they can be key in other applications like grilling, where the banana leaves can be used as a wrapping.

We like to carry unique products, like the Bananza slicer we featured on Facebook earlier. Not only are they neat and fun, but functional as well. They can help us execute some of the recipes we find throughout the dog days of summer. You don’t need to slice your bananas for these recipes;  just get cookin’!

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