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Macchinetta Madness

Bubbling Moka Espresso BrewEspresso can seem a bit complicated to a beginner. Many of us simply walk into the corner coffee shop, order a $5 brew, and wander out still wallowing in ignorance as to what “espresso” actually means.

There is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to make espresso at home: the stovetop espresso maker, commonly called “macchinetta” or “moka”.

Coffee drinkers have taken much more interest in sourcing, roasting and brewing in recent years. Through all of that, the classic macchinetta has remained widely popular – even if it was inspired by a washing machine. This elegant coffee maker features a compact iconic design, takes little energy to produce coffee, and is very simple to operate.

And it’s tiny; anyone who has lived in a small city apartment can attest to the importance of counter space. Stovetop espresso makers are probably the most cost- and space-efficient way to achieve flavorful espresso at home.

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Coffee Month: French Press Basics

Bonjour Maximus French Press

The Bonjour Maximus French Press, 8 Cup Model

With the calendar turning to April, we’re turning our attention to a true classic  – coffee! Each week in April, on the blog and in our in-store demos, we’ll be featuring a different aspect of the delicious beverage that makes the world work.

First up,  the French Press. It’s easier to confuse the origins of the efficient gadget than you may think. While the French press was actually first patented in 1929 by Italian designer Attillo Calimani, versions began popping up in 1850’s France (hence the name). So yes, the French can be counted on for more exports than wine and Brie.

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