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12 Dishes of Christmas – Take 2

 Examining the quintessential holiday foods

While this is certainly not an official list, we feel these twelve dishes are evocative of the grand spirit and familial feeling of the holiday season. Some families, regions and cultures adopt their own unique traditions, to be sure, while others tweak already established ones, and you’ll find dishes both new and old below.

If you missed last week’s edition, check it out here.

Without further ado, we present for your tasting pleasure, Days 7 through 12 of the 12 Dishes of Christmas…

Day 7: Egg Nog

Egg nog served in our glass Fidenza espresso cup.

As with most holidays, Christmastime partying often sees a bit of alcohol added to the mix. Such is the case with egg nog, the dairy-based, liquor-infused sweet holiday cocktail that acts as the social lubricant at so many holiday functions. Rum, whiskey or brandy are typical additions to the mixture, which also features milk (or cream), sugar, and beaten, raw eggs, which provide the characteristic frothy thickness.

We also recommend taking a stab at making homemade egg nog. As food author Paulius Nasviytus writes, “if you can’t decipher the ingredients, then you probably shouldn’t eat them!” This is true of many commercially-produced egg nogs, which feature high fructose corn syrup, among other additives. The best kitchen gadget we advise to whip up homemade egg nog is definitely a good wire whisk.

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12 Dishes of Christmas – Take 1

Examining the quintessential holiday foods

We published a quick gift guide last week that got us thinking: the real fun behind the holiday season is spending time with your family (go ahead, admit it!), and nothing is better for sharing than a good meal. Rather than gifts, we looked into 12 foods that represent the season like no other. While this list isn’t definitive, it certainly is delicious!

For the sake of brevity (and to halt pant sizes from skyrocketing upward) we decided to split the list into six this week, and another six for our next post. We think you’ll agree that moderation is key!

Day 1: Candy Canes

Candy CaneThese sweet candy treats began as incredibly labor-intensive products; while it’s unclear when exactly the cane originated, their production widened across Europe in the mid-17th century, albeit as simple white canes. The famous red and white streaked design, now so evocative of the holiday season, wasn’t popularized until much later.

Making candy canes at home can be tough, what with the stretching, pulling and twisting involved – see this this detailed recipe if you don’t believe us – but true candy die-hards know that the real key with candy making is accurate temperature. Thus, a candy thermometer is essential… along with a serious sweet tooth! Continue reading

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