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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

As lovers of all things cooking and baking, we each have a list of dream gifts we would love to receive for our kitchens! This week, our team tells you about their most coveted gift in the store, without budget limitations. (For our 2016 picks under $50, see last week’s blog post here.)

Finex 12” Covered Skilletbm2016

This beautiful piece of artisan cookware is put together by hand in Portland, OR. The attention to quality detail makes this piece stand out from other cast iron cookware. The smoothly machined surface resists sticking and is easy to clean. The heaviness of the skillet allows for even heating, and its coil handle stays cool to the touch while cooking. A must have piece for the artisan foodie in your life!


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2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $50

We make it easy to find the perfect gift for the foodie in your life! Our team each chose a favorite item under $50 to gift or be gifted for the 2016 holiday season.

Oggi Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker50aw2016

No home bar is complete without a good cocktail shaker. I love this shaker because it lets people know I’m serious about my cocktails, while throwing in just a little bit of style.


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Crepes, Crepes, Crepes!

Savory chicken crepes

Okay, I’ll admit it. Until a few years ago, I was crepe-less. I know it may be hard to believe, but I do have a somewhat valid excuse. You see, I grew up in an Irish American household where we consumed a steady diet of eggs and bacon, Eggo waffles, meat and potatoes, and overcooked pasta. (If you’re reading this Mom, 20 minutes is just a bit too long to boil spaghetti.) Crepes were never on the menu during Sunday breakfast; having a bowl of Lucky Charms was considered a gourmet treat and I was none the wiser. Little did I know what I was missing.

A few years ago I was invited to a friend’s dinner party. The night played out just like any other get together: appetizers, some wine, the main course, and then dessert. It was at that moment that my life was forever changed. Continue reading

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