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How do I store fresh herbs

Ask Nina Rose:
How do I store fresh herbs so they keep as long as possible?

Fresh HerbsThere’s nothing like the flavor of fresh herbs to really make a dish special, and with the summer months ahead, fresh herbs are abundant and inexpensive. But how many times have you bought a bunch of cilantro, only to have it wilt and rot in two days?

By using these methods to help extend the life of your herbs, you can enjoy fresh flavors well into the winter months when these plants go out of season, without resorting to using dried herbs from the pantry.

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Learn to Garnish

Use some simple garnishing techniques to create a beautiful healthy fruit salad for your next dinner party

In the culinary world, presentation is almost everything. Sure, your food needs to be delicious, but if it doesn’t look appetizing, good luck getting anyone to try it!

One way to add some presentation glitz to your plates is with edible garnishes. Flower designs made from vegetables like carrots or onions can take a simple salad to the next level. Now, some chefs go all out on the garnishing front, creating pieces that can more properly be called art. If you’re just starting out, designs like that might be above your pay grade – so let’s talk tips for novices.

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Super Salsa Saturday!

This last Saturday, we were lucky enough to have Sue, a representative from Progressive stop by and feature some of their awesome products. She not only showed off some of their newest and neatest, but she made a delicious and easy salsa.

Sue, getting ready to salsa!

The star of the demo, the Onion Chopper, went to work first.  It’s not just for tearless onion chopping, but also works on tomatoes and colorful bell peppers deftly cored by the Pepper Corer Duo.  Both items do the work of a knife in a fraction of the time. To preserve those with less daring palates, we refrained from adding powerful chiles.  For those who crave more heat, the sidekick of the Pepper Corer Duo is made for the narrow cores of chiles.

Ingredients, and the handy new board!

Progressive’s Fresh Herb Keeper and Fresh Herb Pro are ideal for storing and prepping fresh herbs.  The herb keeper keeps fresh herbs green and hydrated on the counter or in the fridge.  The Fresh Herb Pro is one of our favorite items, with handles that sport ridges to catch and trim herb-y leaflets from twiggy stems.  Collect all the leaves in the cup and shear them to bits in seconds with the spring-action scissors.  Fresh cilantro is a must for salsa and the Collapsible Salad Spinner is clutch for washing and straining the herb.

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