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Eric Miller – The Vintner’s Apprentice

Eric Miller: author, wine enthusiast, lover of life!

I had the opportunity last Saturday to chat with Eric Miller – author of ‘The Vintner’s Apprentice’ and lover of all things wine. He was here at Fante’s discussing wine, signing copies of his book, and chatting with customers about…well, everything! Here are some highlights from our conversation:

What can blog readers learn from your book?
The book isn’t some technical in-depth and serious text book. It’s for people who are curious about wine, who love to drink wine and want to know WHY wines taste the way they do. It was very important at the beginning of writing the book that it appealed to all types of wine enthusiasts. Sure, there is technical information in the book for those that want that in-depth information, but also has interesting information about different types of wine, the grapes used for different wines, and again, why they taste the way they do.

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Meet Tony Luke

Tony Luke at Fante's

Tony Luke Jr

Philadelphia: home of the Liberty Bell, Rocky, the Phanatic, and the famous Philly cheese steak.

Pat’s King of Steaks claims to be the creator of the iconic sandwich, around 80 years ago, and among tourists, the Italian Market’s Pat’s and Geno’s have become the “go-to” places in Philadelphia. However, ask any true-blue Philadelphian who makes the best cheese steak, and more often than not they’ll direct you to the innovative newcomer, Tony Luke’s.

Tony’s original family eatery is at 30 East Oregon Avenue, and their franchise has grown to eight locations, from Atlantic City in New Jersey to Bahrain in the Middle East.

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All-Clad Cookware

Welcome back to our Made in the USA Month! This week, we’re talking about another fantastic all-American company, All-Clad Cookware.

Of the many materials used to manufacture cookware, stainless steel is the most popular among consumers, and All-Clad Stainless is among the very best. Made in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, All-Clad pots and pans are adored by home cooks and professional chefs worldwide.

This week’s post packs a double punch! We were honored to have Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars in-store for a book signing on Saturday. Her helpful advice proved invaluable, and the preserves and pickles she brought were absolutely delicious! So we caught up with Marisa afterward, to pick her brain some more.

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