Chemex Handblown Coffeemaker - 8-CupThe Chemex Coffeemaker was invented in 1941. Its design has brought it many awards, and it is featured in major museums. But of more importance are the ravings of critics, praising the taste of the coffee the Chemex produces.

The hand-blown coffeemakers are very attractive; more shapely, thicker, and with a green-glass hue. They are hand-blown into a form, guaranteeing consistency in shape. As with any handcrafted item, you can expect distinctive markings in the glass, from time to time.

Chemex filters are specially bonded to remove any bitter elements of coffee, at an optimal rate. They are thicker than other filters, come to a point, and only fit Chemex coffeemakers. Though rounded-edge filters are available, we prefer the folded squares, which make them easier to remove with the spent grounds.Chemex Filters Pre-folded Squares

To use the square filters, separate the 3rd and 4th layers of the folded square, opening it into a funnel. Place the funnel into the top opening of your Chemex, with 3 thicknesses toward the vent (spout). Put about a tablespoon of coffee into the open filter for every cup (that’s 5 oz. per cup) that you’re making, and pour hot water onto the grounds.

To keep the contents warm, the Chemex coffeemakers can be placed directly over gas heat on your stove. If you have an electric stove, be sure to use a wire metal grid to keep the glass from making direct contact with the elements. You can even boil water in your Chemex; just don’t let it boil dry. To prevent damage to the wood collar, keep the heat source (gas flame or heated element) underneath the Chemex, and don’t let it come up the sides.

To clean, it is best to remove the collar before washing. We recommend gently hand washing your Chemex. Be sure to remove the collar if are using a dishwasher.

Helpful Hints:
– Use the carafe to measure water for the kettle before heating the water;
– Grind coffee slightly coarser than for automatic drip coffee, if you have a grinder;
– Adjust the quantity of coffee to taste;
– Adjust the speed of pouring the hot water on the grounds to taste (slower, keeping the level just above the grounds makes the coffee stronger; faster, filling the top with water makes the coffee lighter in taste.

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