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Fondant Fun

March 21

Have you seen beautiful cakes and cupcakes using fondant decorations? While some of these designs can be incredibly intricate, many of the new trends don’t require professional decorating skills or tools. There are plenty of gorgeous and on-trend designs that you can recreate easily at home! Join us as we show you how simple fondant covered cakes and decorations can be, and shares tips and tricks to decorating with style and ease.

#614265 Mucca Rigagnocchi Gnocchi RollerEasy, Fluffy and Fast Gnocchi

March 29

There’s simply nothing like a plate of ethereally-light potato gnocchi to warm the soul on a cold winter night. To achieve the iconic ridges, which are designed to hold in your favorite sauce, you can opt for the old fashioned way by rolling each dumpling along a fork or gnocchi board. Or you can save time using our new Mucca Riggagnocchi rolling machine, which makes quick work of rolling and crimping each gnocco.

This Saturday, we will demonstrate how to make gnocchi using the Mucca Rigagnocchi, our unique, cow-shaped gnocchi rolling machine from Italy. Using a special trick to achieve perfectly light and fluffy gnocchi, in combination with this machine, we’ll show you how fast you can whip up these dumplings for a decadent dinner any night of the week.

Nico's PizzellaPizzelle

April 4

In keeping with our family traditions, no festive table would be complete without a platter of crispy pizzelle, those delicious anise-scented Italian wafer cookies.

Today, we’re going to show you all our secrets of how to get perfect pizzelle every time.

Learn helpful methods of greasing your pizzelle iron so your cookies won’t stick, tricks to getting the perfect amount of batter on the plates, how long your pizzelle should bake, and lots more. We’ll also explain proper maintenance tips, to keep your iron in tip-top shape for years to come.

Stop in for a taste and to see a pizzelle iron in action and don’t forget to ask about monogramming your own Palmer Pizzelle Iron!

Air Frying

April 11

Air frying, which uses powerful ultra-hot air, is a healthier way to prepare delicious fried favorites, from wings to fritters to fries to shrimp. We will be demonstrating the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven to make freshly air fried french fries. Oprah named this item as one of her favorite things of 2017. Enjoy the crunch without the calories and messy cleanup, with the Air Fryer Toaster Oven!

Parts of the Bialetti MokaTraditional Espresso

April 18

Join us as we demonstrate the traditional Italian Macchinetta, better know as the Moka Pot. Learn how to make espresso using this simple piece of cookware, and sip a sample!

Did you know our coffee bar started because of a Moka Pot? Mariella and her brothers could not live without their daily espressos, and set-up a moka pot and hot plate in a corner of the store to keep themselves caffeinated. So many customers were interested in having a shot, the idea to start an espresso bar was born. They opened the first espresso bar in the city of Philadelphia in the early 80s.

Simple Salsa

April 25

Ever wonder how to make effortless salsa with all your veggies perfectly cubed? Wonder no longer. We will be demonstrating the OXO Vegetable Chopper and sampling a delicious salsa that can be made quickly and easily.
This chopper is not just for tearless onion chopping, but also works on tomatoes and colorful bell peppers. It does the precision work of a knife in a fraction of the time.

Delicious Waffles

May 2

Join us as we bake and sample waffles! Using a simple recipe, and jazzing it up with Belgian Pearl Sugar, you will love dazzling your family with a delicious and easy breakfast. (Or waffles and ice cream dessert!)

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