Fante’s Cousin Damiano’s Rubber Touch Classic Waiters Corkscrew


Cousin Damiano’s corkscrew features a helix shaped spiral, generally preferred over auger shapes because it grabs better with least displacement in the cork. An added touch to the classic waiters corkscrew is the stylish and comfortable soft-touch ABS handle.

The folding knife makes it easy to cut and remove the foil, and a 2-prong bottle cap opener is integrated under the corkscrew’s lever for added convenience.

Cousin Damiano’s corkscrew is sturdy, of chromed steel construction with soft-touch ABS handle, it is 4.25 inches long overall, with a 2 inch long helix. Made in Italy.

  • Unfold the knife, cut the foil all around under the rim of the bottle, and lift off the foil cap. Re-fold the knife.
  • Unfold the lever and screw, center the screw tip on the cork, and push it in up to the first turn of the helix so that it will catch when you start turning.
  • With the handle held in a perpendicular position to the screw, turn the handle until most of the screw is in the cork.
  • Set the lever onto the lip of the bottle and pull up on the other end of the handle to pull the cork up and out.

When you purchase corked wine, store the bottle on its side to keep the cork wet and maintain a good seal. Bottles with screw caps or rubber corks can be stored upright. Keep bottles in a relatively cool area, away from direct heat, cold, or sunlight.

Fante's Cousin Damiano's Rubber Touch Classic Waiters Corkscrew

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