French Press

The French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

French Press by Inventor Attilio Calimani GB Patent 395548AI love coffee made by French Press, also commonly called a Coffee Press, Coffee Plunger Pot and, in French, Cafetiere à Piston.

You can make a stronger or lighter cup because you control the amount and grind of coffee, and the steeping time.

It works in the same way for coffee, teas, and herbs, except the steeping time will differ for the perfect infusion.

The press takes up little counter space and can easily be stored in a cabinet.

It’s French Press coffee time!

To get a good tasting cup always measure coffee and water accurately and consistently. We recommend using one  tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee per 4 oz water. Adjust to taste; a bit of experimentation when you first start using it can bring you very worthwhile results.

French Press Instructions1. Remove the lid and filter assembly. Hold the lid while pulling up on the handle.

2. Measure coffee grounds into the coffeemaker.

3. Pour very hot water over it, filling to the desired level.

4. Replace the lid and filter assembly, keeping the filter at the top.

5. Steep for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on desired strength; the longer the steep, the stronger the coffee.

6. Plunge; slowly push the plunger down, to filter the coffee. Doing this slowly will keep most of the grounds under the filter of the plunger.

7. Pour the filtered coffee, sit back, and enjoy!

For a hotter cup, immerse or fill the French Press in the hottest water you can get from the tap or with water you’re heating for the coffee, then pour out.

You might also consider rinsing your coffee cup with hot water just before you pour the coffee into it, so that the cold cup doesn’t cool down the coffee.

To clean your French Press, hot sudsy water (or your dishwasher) will work just fine in removing coffee oils. It’s a good idea to occasionally disassemble the filter assembly to clean thoroughly:

1. The plunger stem unscrews at the base from the cross plate.
2. The cross plate is the disc with a cross shape and screw hole.
3. The spreader is the round multi-hole disc with the spring that spreads the mesh filter.
4. The stainless mesh (and nylon – if available) filters keep grinds at the bottom.

To replace the carafe on most units, unthread the screw(s) on the handle until the carafe is loose from the metal band. Our replacement carafes fit Bodum, BonJour, La Cafetiere, and other standard French Press coffee makers.

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