Napoletana Drip Coffee

The Napoletana is a traditional Neapolitan reversible filtration coffee pot, common in use throughout Italy. In Naples it is called La Cuccumella.

How to Use the Neapolitan Drip Coffee Maker

Napoletana Italian Coffee Maker· Remove the small cover (not shown).

· Lift off the server (top container with spout).

· Lift the filter group (A+B) out of the boiler (C).

· Unscrew the filter cover (A).

· Fill the top of the filter (B)* with finely ground** coffee;
· Smooth it evenly with a small (demitasse) spoon; do not tamp.

· Screw on the filter cover (A) onto the filled filter (B).

· Fill the boiler (C) with water, up to the small vent hole.

· Reinsert the filter group (A+B) into the water-filled boiler (C).

· Replace the server (with spout upside down).

Napoletana Italian Coffee Maker· Place the Napoletana on your stovetop.

· Center the unit over the heat source so that both the handles and spout are not directly over an open flame or hot elements; use low heat, or a heat diffuser if necessary, or keep the unit to the side of the burner.

· When steam starts coming out of the small vent hole on the boiler (C), the water is boiling.

· As the water begins to boil, remove the unit from the stove.

· Hold both handles securely and turn the entire unit upside down, so the container with the spout is now at the bottom.

· Wait 2 to 3 minutes for the hot water to flow through the coffee grounds, and to completely stop dripping.

· At the sink, remove the boiler (C) and the filter group (A+B), then place the small cover (not shown) over the container with the spout for serving.


* The filter (B) usually has what looks like a small dent or notch along its side. This feature makes it easier to insert and remove from the boiler (C).

** Coffee must be ground properly for a good cup. Ideally, beans should be ground to a size between espresso and automatic drip. If the coffee is ground too fine, the grinds will cake up and prevent water from filtering through.

To keep the coffee in the server from cooling too quickly, it is customary to place a small cornet, called a cuppetiello fashioned from a piece of paper, over the spout between servings.

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