Magnalite Classic

Magnalite PansOriginally developed in 1934, Magnalite® Classic is best known for its distinctive finish, timeless design and commercial durability.

Magnalite is made in a casting process using a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy that gives Magnalite cookware a strong, dense body and a smooth finish.

Magnalite pans have extra thick bases which allow heat to diffuse more evenly along the bottom thus preventing hot spots. The metal’s high conductivity efficiently transfers heat up the pan’s thick sidewalls and even to the lid, for quick, even cooking.

Pouring spouts, heavy cast lids and cast-in flame guards combine to create a product durable and efficient enough to satisfy any culinary objective.

Cleaning Recommendations

In response to many inquiries on how to clean Magnalite cookware after not having been used or cleaned for a prolonged period of time, or after having been subjected to unusual circumstances, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you clean and sanitize food-contact surfaces in a four-step process:

1. Wash with soap and warm, clean water.
2. Rinse with clean water.
3. Sanitize by immersing for 1 minute in a solution of 1 teaspoon of unscented chlorine bleach per 1 gallon of clean water.
4. Allow to air dry.

Bleach: We recommend a good quality liquid bleach, unscented, with at least 5.25% chlorine. Sanitize only for the time indicated and do not allow metal pans to remain in contact with bleach for longer than recommended.

– Never mix bleach with ammonia.
– Always wear non-porous gloves and protective eye wear.
– Open windows and doors.


Color: Some discoloration of the pans is normal over time, and does not affect the pan’s cooking abilities or the taste of the food.

Pitting: Pock marks appear on the surface of metal pans after prolonged contact with acidic and caustic substances, and even with plain water. When the pock marks are large enough to prevent thorough cleaning, you should consider not using the pan, or only using it to boil water.

Magnalite cookware, as well as Wagner pans, are now only made from the original molds by American Culinary Corp, and they are the only known source for parts that fit the original Magnalite pans.

Magnalite parts from World Kitchen do NOT fit the original Magnalite made in the USA.