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We receive many inquiries for information on manufacturers and distributors of kitchen related products, and we hope you will find this extensive list useful.

Warranty service requests should be directed solely to the manufacturer or licensed importer/distributor.

A Metalurgica – Bakeware
Able Brewing Equipment Inc – Coffee brewing equipment
AC International – Scales
Accusharp – Knife sharpeners
Acme – Kitchen gadgets
Acme Anvil – Stainless steel serving accessories
Acme International – Kitchen gadgets
Action Africa – Ironware
Adagio Teas – Kettles, kitchen electrics, teapots
Advanced Water Filters – Reverse osmosis filters
Advantage Components – Expandable pot racks
Aerobie – Coffee makers
Aerolatte – Milk frother
AGG / Mister Spear – Asparagus accessories
Akzo Nobel – Non stick coating manufacturer
Aladdin – Insulated storage products
Alessi USA – Designer housewares
Alfi – Thermal servers
Alfille – Butter Wizard
All-Clad – Cookware
Allied Imex – Cookware, dinnerware, storage
Allied Metal Spinning – Bakery pans
Alltrista – Glass storage and canning, a Jarden brand
Alpine West – Cool tote insulated bags
Amana – Appliances
Amco Houseworks – Kitchen tools
American Harvest – Dehydrators and more (Div of Nesco)
American Innovative – Timers & clocks
American Metalcraft – Restaurant supplies
American Tradition – Cookie cutters
American Woodmark – Cabinets
AmeriColor – Food colors
Americraft – Cookware, bakeware, cutlery
Ameriware – Cookware
AMetalurgica – Bakeware
Ametek Specialty Metal Products – Metals and coatings
Anchor Hocking – Glassware
Andreas Trivets – Silicone trivets
Anjolus – Fresh Mill
Ann Clark Ltd – Cookie cutters
Anolon – Non-stick cookware (Div Meyer Corp)
Apec – Water filters
Appliance Factory Parts – Gas grills parts & how-to instructions
Applica/Jerdon – Coffeemakers, kitchen electrics, Black&Decker brands
Aramco Imports – Cookware, bakeware, flatware, gadgets
Arc Int’l – Luminarc & Arcoroc glassware
Architec – Gripper cutting boards
Aristokraft – Cabinets
Armetale – Metal ware cooking and serving products
Aroma – Rice cookers, grills, dehydrators, etc
Art Glass Design – Handmade glasses
Artland – Aluminum glassware, kitchen tools
ARY Inc – Vacmaster sealers, knife blocks, kitchen accessories
Asko – Appliances
Astoria – Commercial espresso machines
Ateco – August Thomsen Corp – Baking & cake decorating supplies
Athena – Portable gas appliances, cookware, Div of Aervoe
Avantro – Thermal containers
Awmco – Commercial and home pizza stones

Back To Basics – Ice shaver, juicers, grain mills
Bakertowne – Electric pepper mill, grater, gadgets
Baker’s Edge – Bakeware, cake pans, cookware
Baker’s Joy – No-stick baking spray with flour
Baker’s Secret – Non stick bakeware (Div of World Kitchen)
Bakery Crafts – Cake and candy supplies
Ball – Canning supplies (Div of Jarden Home Brands)
Bally Block – Butcher blocks
Bambu – Kitchen and tabletop bamboo products
Bamix of Switzerland – Hand held stick blender / wand mixer
Bantam/Doubleday – Cookbooks (Div of Random House)
Baratza – Espresso makers
Bar Keepers Friend – Non abrasive cleaners
Base Brands – Serving and beverage wares
Base4 – Knife storage and kitchen products
Beer Machine – Home brewery
Beka – Stainless steel, copper and aluminum cookware
Bella Tavola – Wall Lenk butane culinary tools
Bellman Industries – CX25 Stovetop espresso/cappuccino maker
Belpasta – Trattorina pasta maker
Belson – Grills
Bemis – Cutting boards
Benriner – Slicers
Berghoff Int’l – Cookware, bakeware, tools
Berndes – Non-stick cookware and bakeware
Berndorf – Flatware, accessories
Bernzomatic – Propane and butane torches and fuel
Best – Whisks, brushes, etc
Better Houseware – Accessories & gadgets
BIA Cordon Bleu – Kitchen tools and serving wares
Bialetti – Espresso makers, cookware and more
Bialetti USA – Espresso makers
Big Green Egg – Ceramic smokers
Bisbell – Professional Blade Guard
Black & Decker – Electrics
Black Diamond Stoneworks – Cleaning products
Blaze – Hand crafted mugs
Blendtec – Commercial and home blenders
Blex – Bakeware & kitchen tools
Blitz – Polishes
Bodum USA – French press coffeemakers, tea makers
Boker – Sporting and outdoor knives
Boldric – Custom culinary and luggage apparel
Bon Ami – Non-abrasive cleaners (Div of Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Company)
Bon Jour – French press coffeemakers, tea makers, tools
Bona Vita – Kitchen utensils and electrics
Boos – Wood cutting boards, blocks, furniture
Bormioli Rocco Glass – Glassware
Bormioli Rocco USA – Glassware for food and decorative use
Borner – V-Slicer, cookware, gadgets
Boska – Cheese tools
Bosch – Kitchen appliances
Bosch – Mixers and other appliances
Boston Mountain – Copper cookie cutters
Boston Warehouse – Creative kitchen utensils
Bourgeat – Stainless cookware
Bowl Mill – Granville Mfg wooden bowls
Bradley Technologies – Bradley Smoker
Bradshaw Int’l – Bialetti, Bonny, kitchen wares
Bramli – Plastic kitchen wares made in Israel
Brasilia – Commercial espresso machines
Braun – Coffeemakers, cookware, blenders
Breadman – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Brentwood Mills – Pepper mill and serving accessories
Bret Bortner Design – Terracotta & stoneware
Brisker – Electric dry food crisper
Brita – Water purifiers
Brix Design – Jarkey desigher
Broil King – Barbecue grills by Onward Mfg.
Broil King – Compact baking, broiling & keep warm cookware
Bromwell – Housewares
Bron-Coucke – Mandolins and other professional equipment
Brown Bag Designs – Cookie molds
Brown Sugar Discs – Brown sugar softener
Browne – Professional foodservice and retail housewares products
Brushtech – Cleaning brushes
Built NY – Neoprene insulated bottle and lunch bags
Bunn-O-Matic – Coffee and tea brewers, grinders
Burton Plastics – Color changing egg and pasta timers
Butcher’s Kitchen – Meat tenderizers
Butler Home Products – Cleaning supplies
Byrnes & Kiefer – B&K and Chefmaster brands

Cajun Injector – Marinade injectors, turkey fry kits
CakePlay – Decorating ingredients and supplies
Calculated Ind – Calculators
Calder Casalinghi – Housewares
Calder Inc – RichCraft stainless steel utensils
Caleca Italia – Hand painted ceramics
Callebaut – Barry Callebaut cocoa & chocolate manufacturer
Calphalon – Anodized and stainless cookware & bakeware
Camano – Custom coffee mills
Cambridge Silversmiths – Flatware
Camerons – Stovetop smokers, smoke chips, and accessories
Canada Coaster – Beverage coasters
Cape Cod Polish – Metal polishing cloths
Capresso – Coffeemakers, espresso makers, grinders
Carimali – Commercial espresso makers
Carlisle – Food service products
Casabella – Cleaning products
Casamoda / Roshco – Bakeware, cookware
W.R. Case Sons – Cutlery
Catamount – Heat proof glass cookware & bakeware
Catskill Craftsmen – Kitchen carts, racks and cutting boards
Cauldon Ceramics Works – Brown Betty and other tea pots
CDN – Thermometers and timers
Cedar Fresh – Cedar storage and gadgets
Certified International – Tabletop and serving wares
Chalnj LLC – Wow Bacon
Chamba Imports – Black clay Colombian cookware
Champion – Juicer
Chaney – Acu-Rite kitchen, barbecue & digital thermometers & timers
Chantal – Enamel-on-steel cookware & bakeware
Chapters Publ Ltd – Cookbooks
Charles Viancin – Kitchen accessories
Chef Craft -Kitchen utensils
Chef Revival – Jackets, pants, aprons, hats
Chef Specialties – Pepper and salt mills
Chef-Master – Outdoor cooking accessories
Chef’n – Pepper machines and kitchen utensils
Chef’s Design – Pressure cookers, cookware
Chef’s Planet – PrepTaxi food scoop and Tefmat liners
Chefline – Stainless cookware, electric rice cookers
Chefs Choice – Cutlery, sharpeners, tea kettle, etc (Edgecraft)
Chemex – Classic glass coffeemakers and accessories
Chicago Cutlery – Cutlery (Div. of World Kitchen)
Chicago Metallic – Bakeware
Chicago Metallic – Commercial Bakeware
Christopher Ranch – Garlic
Chroma USA – F.A. Porsche knives
Chronicle Books – Cookbooks
Circulon – Non-stick cookware
CK Products – Cake and candy making supplies
Classe – Italian cutlery
Cleanwrap – Food handling and wrapping supplies
Clear2o – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Clear Solutions – Recipe card and book holders
Click Clack – Acrylic storage containers
Clipper Mill – Kitchen gadgets, sponges
Closet Maid – Organizers
Club – Cast Aluminum cookware, (Div of Regal Ware)
Coghlan’s – Outdoor accessories
Cole & Mason – Pepper and salt mills
Coleman – Grills
Columbian Home Products – Granite ware
Comark – Thermometers
Combrichon – Wire products
Companion Group – Barbecue and patio supplies
Component Design NW – Thermometers and timers
Conair – Parent company of Cuisinart (see link below)
Concept Housewares – Pot racks, woks and accessories (Group5Marketing)
Conimar – Placemats, coasters, cutting mats
Cook Pro – Cookware, kitchen tools
Cook Street – Butter boat
Cooks Innovations – Kitchen tools
Cookwave – Porcelain cooker
Cool Gear – Food storage, bottles and accessories
Copco – Kettles and kitchen wares (Div of Wilton)
CoreBamboo – Bamboo products
Corelle – Unbreakable dinnerware (Div of World Kitchen)
Cork Pops – Wine accessories
Corningware – Microwave utensils (Div of World Kitchen)
Counterart – Glass cutting boards and counter savers
Couplet Sugars – Confectionery sugars
Creative Home / Evco Int’l – Kitchen wares
CreativeWare – Chrome accented kitchenware
Crooked Brook – Custom chef jackets, coats, uniforms
Crosley – Appliances
Crown Custom Metal Spinning – Metal bakeware
Cucina Pro – Kitchen bakeware and utensils
Cuisinart – Food processors, kitchen electrics, cookware
Cuisine-Cookware – Cookware and utensils
Cuisine Parts & Service – Appliance parts and service
Cuisipro – Kitchen tools
Culinary Edge / FNT – Cookware, bakeware, accessories
Culinary Institute of America– Masters Collection cookware and accessories
Culinique – Food molding system
Culligan – Water purifiers
Cupcake Creations – Cupcake papers and supplies
Cuppow – Mason jar accessories
Curtis International – Appliances
Cutco – Cutlery

Damco – Messermeister – Cutlery and other kitchen tools
Danesco – Kitchen utensils
Danger Men Cooking – Branding irons, aprons
Dansk – Dinnerware, flatware, glassware
Dave’s Gourmet – Hot stuff
Dazey – Small appliances (No longer in business. See listings for parts & service)
de Buyer – Cookware, bakeware, institutional utensils
DecoPac – Baking and decorating supplies
Deglon – French knife manufacturer
DeLonghi – Electric espresso makers, fryers, grills
Demarle – Flexipan baking trays
Demeyere – Cookware and accessories
Denby – Stoneware
Desert Sandscapes – Thirstystone coasters
Detecto – Scales
Dexas – Silicone products
Dexter-Russell – Cutlery
Di Leo Franco – Kitchen accessories
Dipro-Prosec – Housewares
Ditting – Commercial coffee grinders
DMT – Diamond steels and sharpeners
Donato DiGiacopo European Imports – Whipped cream dispensers
Donvier – Ice cream makers
Down to Earth – Glassware, ceramics and housewares
Dr Oetker – Bakeware and ingredients
Dr Oetker USA – Bakeware and ingredients
Dreamfarm USA – Kitchen utensils
Drosselmeyer – Nut crackers
Droste – Chocolates and cocoas
Dualit – Toasters, blenders, mixers and kettles
Ducane – Grills
Dudley Kebow – Peppermills by Progressive Int’l
Due Buoi – Two Oxen brand knives
Duncan Industries – Oven mitts and accessories
DuPont – Non stick surfaces
Duralex – Glassware
Durgol – Decalcifier for espresso maker

Eades Appliance Technology – SousVide Supreme
Eagleware Mfg Co Inc – Commercial aluminum cookware
Eastman Outdoors – Outdoor cooking utensils
Eco-Bags Products – Natural and organic cotton totes
Ecowater – Water purifiers
Edgecraft – Cutlery, sharpeners, tea kettle, etc (Chef’s Choice)
Edlund – Scales and commercial equipment
Elfo – SwissGold permanent coffee & tea filters
Emenee – Private label kitchen gadgets
Emile Henry – Clay ovenware
Enclume – Pot racks & furniture
Enrico Products – Bamboo for the kitchen
Enrico Pruni – Housewares
Epic – Terracotta gravity water filters & dispensers
Epic Products – Accessories for wine, spirits and party
Epicurean Cutting Surfaces – Cutting surfaces of all sorts
Ergo Chef – Cutlery, cutting boards, and related tools
Escali – Digital scales
ESE – Espresso pods, espresso machines
Espressotamper – Gourmet espresso tamper
Essenergy – VitaClay cookers
ET Industries – Kitchen faucet sprayer, sink drainer
Euro-Cuisine – Yogurt makers and small appliances
Euromade – Kitchen utensils
Europaeus – Ceramics
European Gift & Housewares – La Pavoni and other kitchen items
European Imports – Cream whippers
EuroQuest Imports – Housewares from Europe
Eva Denmark – Kitchen gadgets and cookware
Evaco – Look cookware, kettles, stone and kitchen wares
Evergreen Ent / Cypress Home – Trays, cutting boards, wine gadgets
Everpure – Water filters
Evriholder – Kitchen gadgets, storage
E-zeewrap – Plastic knife, dispensers, odor absorber

Fabrikators – Innovative housewares from the Netherlands
Faema – Commercial espresso makers
Fagor – Pressure cookers
Falk Culinair – Copper cookware
Falksalt – Gourmet salts
Farberware Appliances – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Farberware Cookware – Manufactured by Meyer Corp.
Fat Daddio’s – Professional bakeware
Felix Solingen – Knives
Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co – US made frypans
Fire & Flavor Grilling Co – Grilling supplies
First Colony – Now part of White House Coffee
Fiskars – Scissors & knives
Fissler – Cookware
Fletcher’s Mill – Pepper mills, rolling pins, and kitchen accessories
FMM Sugarcraft – Sugar crafting supplies
Focus Products Group Int’l – Chicago Metallic, Amco, Swing-a-Way, West Bend, Back to Basics
Fontignac – Enameled cast iron cookware
FooDoodler – Food coloring markers
Foose Tinsmithing – Cookie cutters
FoodSaver – Vacuum packaging
Formaticum – Cheese papers
Fortessa – Crystal, glass, and metal dinner wares
Fox Run Craftsmen – Gadgets, T&G wood
Frabosk – Cooking, serving, coffee and tea utensils
FrancisFrancis – Espresso makers
Franmara – Wine accessories
Fred – Housewares and gadgets
Frieling – Thermalware, scales, brotformen, bakeware, etc
Frigidaire – Appliances
FusionBrands – Housewares

Gaggenau – Kitchen stoves
Gaggia USA – Espresso makers
G&S Metal – Metal bakeware & kitchen gadgets
Gary Valenti – Pasta makers and kitchen utensils
General Electric – Kitchen appliances
George Foreman – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Geraldine’s Creative Cutters – Cookie cutters
Gerberblades – Advice for your old Gerber kitchen blades
Gessner Products – Plastic housewares and commercial wares
Ghidini – Housewares
Ghirardelli – The chocolate folks from San Fran
Gibson – Appliances (Div of Frigidaire)
Gibson Overseas – Tabletop and cookware
Ginkgo – Stainless flatware and serveware
Girolle – Cheese scrapers – Barbecue grill mat
Gobel – French bakeware
Global – Komin Yamada designed professional cutlery (Div of Yoshikin)
Global Amici – Glassware
Global Home Products – WearEver, Mirro, Regal, AirBake
Godiva – The other chocolate folks with the finished product
Goldstar – Appliances (LG Electronics)
Gontara – Importers of Fontignac enamel cast iron etc
Gourmac – Baking and other kitchen utensils
Gourmet Espresso Tamper – Espresso tamper
Gourmet Grills – Stainless charcoal grills
Gourmet Impressions – Good embossing products
Gourmet Innovations – Whipped cream dispensers and soda syphons
Grant Howard – GHA brand kitchen tools
Granville – Wood bowls
Great Scrape – Barbecue cleaning tool
Greenbison – Samson juicers
Grill Friends – Grilling and kitchen tools
Grilla Gear – Barbecue accessories (Div. of World Kitchen)
Grilly Goat – Basting tongs and bbq accessories
Grindmaster – Coffee grinders and brewing devices

Haeger Potteries – US made ceramics for kitchen and home
Haier America – Kitchen electrics
Haley’s Corker – Bottle stopper
Hall China – Specialty chinaware
Hamilton Beach/Proctor Sylex – Kitchen electrics
Handpresso – Portable espresso maker
Harold Import Co – Kitchen and household gadgets
Harvest Maid – Dehydrators (Div of Nesco)
Health Craft – Waterless cookware
Hearthware – Home coffee roaster
Heartland – Cowboy seasoned woodchips for smoking
Helen’s Asian Kitchen – Tools for Asian cooking
Henckels – Zwilling J.A. Henckels cutlery
Henriksen – Ceramic ware for coffee & tea
Henry Watson Potteries – Ceramic cookware and storage
Heuck – Housewares
Hi Look – Microfiber cleaning cloth
HIC – Kitchen and household gadgets
Highland Sugarworks – Pancakes kit
Highwave – Mugs
Hill Design – Shortbread and cookie molds
Hitachi – Kitchen electrics
Hobart – Commercial mixers etc
Hoffritz – Branded kitchen utensils
Holland Bowl Mill – Wooden bowls and utensils
Holmes Group – Rival kitchen electrics
Homer Laughlin – Fiesta dinnerware, china
Homeware – Americaware dinnerware, serveware and tabletop accessories
Homewood – Cleaning and storage products
Hotpoint – Appliances (Div of GE)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Cookbooks
House of Prill – Chinaware, flatware, cutlery and accessories
House on the Hill – Springerle and other cookie molds and stamps
Housewares America – Kake-kut’r brand cake cutters
Housewares Int’l – Dinnerware, beverageware and serveware
Hurom – Slow juicer
Hutzler – Melamine and other kitchen products
HWG Products – House Wares Germany kitchen utensils
HWI Breville USA – Kitchen electrics

ICI-USA – Steady Sticks wine glass holders
Icy Cools – Reusable ice
Ilsa – Coffee makers and kitchen utensils
Imagery – Wineware line of paper wine tags
IMCG – Foodie, Mr. Garlic, Mr. Donuts, NoStik kitchen utensils
Imperia – Pasta makers
Importika – Gaggia espresso & cappuccino machines and grinders
Imusa – Kitchen tools
Inno-Labs – Nouvel line
Innovapplication – Wine accessories
Innovative Cooking – Electric Bread recipe books
Innovative Sugarworks – Cake decorator supplies
InterDesign – Contemporary housewares
International Culinary Consultants – Chef Harvey Rosen, garnishing
Intrada – Italian ceramic tabletop, dinnerware, tables and kitchen accessories
ISI – Barware, baking helpers and more
Island Bamboo – Kitchen and serving wares
Italianissimo – Kitchen accessories
IVO – Cutlery

Jaccard – Meat tenderizers
Jascor – Fresco kitchen utensils
Java Jacket – Coffee cup sleeves
JAZ Innovations – Kitchen tools for the baker
Jena – Heat resistant Jenaer Glass by SCHOTT production has been discontinued in 2005
Jenn-Air – Appliances
Jihokov – Graters and other household goods
J.K. Adams – Wooden utensils
Jobar – Cookware and kitchen items
John Boos – Kitchen butcher blocks and furniture
John Ritzenthaler Company – Kitchen Fabrics
John Wright – Cast iron cookware, bakeware, and home and garden hardware
Jokari – Unique home and kitchen products
Jonathan’s Spoons – Wooden spoons
Joseph Enterprises – OVE Glove
Joseph Joseph – Kitchen utensils
Joyce Chen – Asian cooking utensils
Judy Craft – Pistachio opener
Juiceman – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Junket – Dessert mixes
Jupiter – Mills & other kitchen tools

KAF Group – Kitchen textiles
Kahn.Kahn – Kitchen tools distributor
Kaiser – Bakeware
Kapoosh – Knife blocks by Ary Inc
KatchAll – Cutting boards & accessories (Div. of San Jamar)
Kavalier – Glass cooking utensils
KC and Company – Stemware charms
Keeseal – Disposable pastry bags
Kelvinator – Appliances (Div of Frigidaire)
Kenmore – Sears appliances
Kenwood – Stand mixers & other kitchen electrics from DeLonghi
Kerr – Canning supplies (Div of Jarden Home Brands)
Kershaw – Knives
Kikkerland – Fun design utensils
Kilner – Canning jars and supplies
Kinetico – Water filters
King Arthur Flour – Baking ingredients
King’s Cupboard – Dessert sauces, coca mixes, puddings, cake mixes, etc
Kiss That Frog – French linens and kitchen accessories
KitchenAid – Kitchen electrics
KitchenArt – Spice racks, adjustable measurers
Kitchen Grips – Potholders
Kitchen Innovations – Kii and Zeal
Kitchen Resource – Bosch, BRK, Lurch, L’Equip, Bamix, Nutrimill, VitalMill, Cloer brands
Kitchen Supply – Kitchen gadgets
Kitrics – Scales, thermometers, timers
KMN Home – Kitchen Utensils
Knightsbridge Global – PME and JEM brands cake decorating supplies
Kohler – Plumbing fixtures
Kokubo – Housewares from Japan
Koobi Kit – Knife rolls
Korin Japanese Trading Corp – Cutlery and lifestyle
Kovocas – Soda siphons and whipped cream dispensers
Krups – Small appliances
KrustBuster – Sandwich sealers
Kuchenprofi / Marpac House – Kitchen wares
Kuhn Rikon – Pressure Cookers & kitchen accessories
Kyocera (Tycom) – Ceramic kitchen knives and utensils

L. Tremain – Butter bell
La Cafetiere – Coffee making products
La Marzocco – Commercial espresso makers
LaCrosse – Kitchen thermometers and timers
Lafor Wood Products – Butcher blocks and work tables
Lagostina – Stainless cookware, flatware & accessories
Laguiole – French handcrafted cutlery
Lamson & Goodnow – Cutlery and accessories
Lansky – Sharpeners
Lar – Housewares
Larien – Bagel guillotine
Lavazza – Coffee
Le Creuset – Enameled cast iron cookware & accessories
Le Parfait – Glass jars (French)
Le Souk Ceramique – Ceramics and tabletop
Leemar – Eastern European tools
Leifheit – Dr. Oetker bakeware, kitchen gadgets & tools
Lekue – Silicone and natural latex molds and equipment
Leland – Rechargeable whipped cream and seltzer bottles
Lenox – Dinnerware
Lentek – Wine collection, thermoelectric coolers and warmers
LG Electronics – Home bakery, microwaves
Libbey – Glassware
Lifetime Cookware – By West Bend
Lifetime Hoan – Hoffritz, Farberware, Roshco & Hoan
Lincoln Foodservice Products – Commercial Centurion, Wear-Ever cookware & accessories
Linden Sweden – Kitchen tools
Lindt – Swiss chocolate
Lipper International – Home goods since 1963
Liss America – Whipped cream and soda siphons
Liss Hugary – The manufacturer’s site
Littermaid – A Russell Hobbs Brand
Lodge – Cast iron cookware, bakeware, camp wares
Lora Brody – All about bread
LorAnn Oils – Flavorings and ingredients
Lorenzo Import – Favors
LSArts – Swizzle sticks, bottle stoppers, wine markers
Luminarc – French glass
Lux – Timers
Lynn Concepts – Dinnerware, stainless cookware

M&T Distributors – Kitchen ceramics and utensils
Maas – Cleaning polishes and solutions
Magefesa – (Spain) Utensils for Mediterranean cuisine
Magi-Cake – Baking pan insulating strips
Magic Chef – Appliances (Div of Maytag)
Magic Mill – Food prep center by Electrolux of Sweden
Magnalite – American Culinary Corp.
Manttra – Pressure cookers and cookware
Marcato – Pasta makers
Martini – Synthetic sponges, cloths, brooms, etc
Mason Cash – Ceramic bowls and bakers
Maspion – Cookware, bakeware, Tivoli brands
Master Cookware – Cast iron, stainless, nonstick cookware
Mastrad – Food prep and serve products
Matfer – Bourgeat – Prep utensils for the food trade
Matfer Bourgeat USA – Prep utensils for the food trade
Mauviel – Copper cookware
Maverick Industries – Specialty kitchen electrics and accessories
Max Burton – Portable gas appliances and cookware, Div of Aervoe
MaxSpace – Butter & cheese dispensers
Maytag – Appliances
McGowan Mfg – Knife sharpeners, kitchen boards
McNaughton – Gadjit cleaning utensils
Meadowcraft – Wrought iron furniture
Medelco – Universal replacement coffee servers and filters
Melitta – Coffee makers, filters, etc
Mercer – Cutlery
Meri Meri – Baking products and party supplies
Messermeister – Cutlery
Metal Ware – Nesco roaster-ovens, woks, griddles, dehydrators, etc
Metrokane – Juicers and other nice things
Meyer Corporation – KitchenAid cookware, Anolon, Circulon, etc
Michigan Maple Block – Butcher blocks
Micro-Mac – Microwave cookware
Microplane – Kitchen graters
Microthin – Cutting boards
Miele – Appliances
Miracle Exclusives – Juice extractors, grain mills, health appliances
Miracle Maid – Old brand from West Bend
Mirro/Wearever – Cookware and bakeware now part of Groupe SEB
Mitercraft – Decorative wood cutting boards, recipe boxes, butcher blocks
MIU France – Kitchen utensils
Miya – Ceramics and household utensils
Moen – Plumbing fixtures
Molecule-R Flavors – Molecular gastronomy ingredients and tools
Monkey Business – Innovative products for kitchen and home
Monin – Flavor syrups
Mountain Woods – Fiddle bow knives, cutting boards
Mr Bar-B-Q – Barbecue utensils
Mr Beer – Home brew systems
Mr Natural’s – Reusable hemp coffee filters and tea bags
MSC International – Kitchen gadgets and barware
Mud Pie – Tea sets and gifts
Mundial – Cutlery from Brazil
Myson Corp – Spanish cooking utensils
Mysticmaid – Cleaning supplies

NantucketInc – Quality wooden baskets
Nassau Candy – Specialty confections and fine foods
National Book Network – Book distributors
National Presto Industries – Pressure cookers and appliances
Navarini Rame – Copper household utensils
Nesco/American Harvest – Roaster-ovens, woks, griddles, food dehydrators
Nespresso – Espresso machines w/coffee capsules
New Advanced Products – Flexible cutting boards
NewMetro Design – Innovative housewares
New West Knife Works – Cutlery
NexTrend – Kitchen utensils design company
Nik Schmitt & Sohn – Ceramics
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas – Pure vanilla specialists
Nifty Home Products – Bakeware and other kitchen wares
Nordic Ware – Bundt brand bakeware, cookware, microware
Noritake – Dinnerware, glassware
Norpro – Kitchen tools, gadgets, etc
Northland Aluminum Products – Nordic Ware
Northwest Glass – Candles, lamps and accessories
Nouvel – Fondue, raclettes and kitchen tools
Novacart – Baking molds
Now Designs – Kitchen and dining textiles
Noyo Corp – Egg separator

Oenophilia – Wine accessories
Oggi – Ceramics, glassware and kitchen accessories
Ohaus – Balances and scales
Ohio Stoneware – Stoneware crocks, gardenware
Oilcloth Int’l – Kitchen and dining textiles
Old Country Design – Pewter and candles
Olde Country Reproductions – Pewtarex
Old Dutch – Copper and metalwares
Olde Thompson – Salt, pepper and spice mills
Oliso – SmartHub sous vide, induction cooktop, vacuum sealer
Olvida – Nickel plated cast iron cookware
Olympia – Espresso machines
Omac – Food mills and housewares
Omega – Juicers
Oneida – Stainless flatware
Ontel – As Seen On TV products
Onyx Containers – Non-plastic storage containers
Opinel – Knives
Opus Crystal – Czech crystal and porcelains
Orange Glo – Polishes
Oster – Small appliances (Div of Sunbeam)
Out Of The Woods Of Oregon – Hardwood kitchen products
Outset – Grillware & Chillware outdoor entertaining products
Over And Back – Earthenware bakeware & servers
Oxo Good Grips – Kitchen tools (Div of World Kitchen)
Ozark West – Butcher block tables, cutting boards and utensils

Pacific Dry Goods – ChefTowl, PubTowl, SuperSponge brands
Pacific Cornetta – Coffee and tea accessories
Pacific Merchants Trading – Wood and lacquerware bowls, wine and bar
Paderno – Stainless steel cookware
Palmer – Pizzelle and waffle irons
Panasonic – Electric kitchen appliances
PanPals – Oven mitts
Parrish’s – Magic Line baking pans, utensils and accessories
Patifix – Foils, borders & tablecloth products
Patisse – Bakeware from Holland
Peas & Corn Co – Small appliances and kitchen utensils
Pebblez – Stone trivets and coasters
Pedrini – Kitchen gadgets and utensils
Penn Scale – Hanging, platform, balance beam and other scales
Pepper Mill Imports – Pepper mills, olive oils & vinegars
Pepper Passion – Pepper mills
Peppermills Supreme – Rechargeable pepper mill
Perfect Pickler – Pickling tools
Perfectly Packaged – Wine bottle covers
Petal Crafts – Cake decorating supplies
Peter’s Chocolate – Chocolate confections (Div of Nestle’)
Peugeot – Pepper, salt, coffee and spice mills
Pfaltzgraff – Branded kitchen tools
Pfeil & Holing – Cake decorating supplies
Philips – Electric kitchen appliances
PhotoFrost – Edible inks and icing sheets
Picnic at Ascot – Picnic backpacks, coolers and wine accessories
Picnic Time – Insulated picnic backpacks & baskets
Pillivuyt France – French porcelain serving and cooking wares
Pillivuyt USA – French porcelain serving and cooking wares
Piral – Italian ceramic cookware
Pizzatools – For the professional
PlaceTile – Ceramic tablewares
PME – Arts and crafts tools
Polar Ware – Restaurant supplies
Polder – Thermometers, timers, scales, household utensils
Polish Pottery – Polish ceramics for the kitchen and serving
Porkert – Czech manufacturer of kitchen tools
Port-Style Enterprises – Distributor of housewares
Portmeirion – Tabletop ceramics
Precidio – Pure Safe-Shell, Juice in the Box, MultiFlask hydration systems
Prentice Hall – Publisher
Prepara – Kitchen gadgets
Presto – Stainless pressure cookers & kitchen tools
Primula – Coffee and tea products
Private Preserve – Aerosol gas wine preserver
Proctor-Silex – Small appliances (Div of Hamilton Beach)
Prodyne Enterprises – Cheese and barware items
Progressive Int’l – Housewares, Dudley Kebow pepper mills
Proteak – Cutting boards
PSP – Pepper mills
Pur – Water purification systems
Pyrex – Heat proof glass (Div of World Kitchen)

Qualita Paper Products – Baking molds and boxes

Rada – Kitchen knives
R&M International – Housewares
Rainsoft – Water filters
Rancilio – Espresso makers
Random House – Cookbooks
Range Kleen – Stove drip bowls
Raytek – Thermometers
Read Products – Cutting Boards
Red & White Kitchen Co – Retro kitchen textiles and accessories
Regal Ware – Non-stick aluminum & stainless cookware, coffeemakers
Regency Wraps – Parchment paper, cheesecloth, wraps and accessories
Renshaw – Bakers ingredients
Reston-Lloyd – Pfaltzgraff, Corning, Schlemmertopf, Portmerion, etc
Revere – Cookware, kettles, etc. (Div of World Kitchen)
Revolution Tea – Innovative Infuser Bag
Riensch & Held – Coffee and tea filters and utensils
Rival – Crock-Pot®, Seal-a-Meal™ and other kitchen electrics
Robot Coupe, U.S.A., Inc. – Professional food processors
Rogar – Pot racks and corkscrews
Roland Products – Fissler, Hurom, Fabrikators, Bisbell, Curtis Stone, Drosselmeyer
Romertopf – Unglazed clay roasters (our page)
Romertopf USA – Unglazed clay roasters
Roper – Appliances
Rosendahl – Stainless kitchen tools and wine accessories
Rosenthal – Porcelain, crystal, glassware, holloware and kitchen tools
Roshco – Cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools
Rosle – Stainless kitchen organizational system & tools
Rowenta – Household appliances
Rowoco – See Wilton
Royal Industries – Commercial housewares
Royal Worcester China – Dinnerware
RSVP International – Endurance cookware and kitchen accessories
Rubbermaid – Kitchen tools
Rush3 Studio – Kebo bottle opener, Chomp Stix
Russell Hobbs – Housewares
Rycraft – Cookie stamps

Sabatier – Diamant brand
Sabatier – Mexeur et Cie brand
Saeco – Philips group espresso & coffee makers
Saint-Goban Abrasives – Norton sharpening devices
Salter – Scales
Salter Housewares USA – Scales and timers
Salton – Maxim, Juiceman, Breadman, Farberware, and many more Spectrum brands
Samsung – Appliances
Sanyo Fisher – Small appliances
Sassafras – Superstone baking stones
Satin Fine Foods – Cake decorating ingredients
Scanpan – Titanium non-stick cookware
ScanWood – Wooden kitchen utensils
Schlemmertopf – Glazed clay roasters (our page)
Schmidt – Brazilian porcelain
Schott – Crystal and glass
Schulte – Organizers
SCI Scandicrafts – Dr. Oetker bakeware, Wenol, Red Bear polishes, etc
Screwpull – Wine openers
SEB – Group SEB: Rowenta, SEB, Calor, Tefal/T-Fal, Arno
Select Brands – Small kitchen appliances
Sensio – Bella Cucina, El Paso Chile, Dessert Pepper electric brands
Service Ideas – Carafes and thermals
Sharp – Small appliances
Shira Leah – Ceramic tabletop and tea pots
ShortCutt Woodcraft – One Hand Salad Servers
Shun – Japanese knives
Siege Chemical – Cookware cleaners and polishes
Sieger GmbH & Co. KG – Kitchen knives and gadgets
Signature – Dinnerware, gift housewares
Silampos – Cookware, kettles, pressure cookers
Silikomart – Silicone molds
Silit-Werke GmbH & Co KG – Cookware, pressure cookers, Cilargan
Silver Cloud Estates – Flavorings
Silverwood – Alan Silverwood Bakeware
Simac-Vetrella – Pasta and ice cream makers
Simax – Glass cooking utensils (Kavalier)
Simon & Schuster – Cookbooks
Simple Human (Formerly CanWorks) – Step-on cans, food canisters
Simplex – Traditional copper tea kettles and accessories from England
Singer – Water filtration
Sisson Imports – Revol porcelain, Bunzlauer stoneware, kitchen wares
Sitcom – Shelving, wine storage, furniture
Sitram – Cybernox stick-resistant and commercial grade cookware
Slee – Designer & ethnic stainless utensils from South Africa
Smith Agency – Briel, Espressione, Duerkop and Jura lines
Smith’s Products – Knife sharpeners, stones
Snow River – Wooden boards and pantry wares
Sointu USA – Global, Kasumi, Bunmei knives, and MinoSharp sharpeners
Soiree Company – Home and kitchen
Solis – Espresso makers
Sowden – Tea and coffee products
Spanek – Vertical roasters, tabletop accessories
Sparq – Soapstone rocks and utensils
Spectrum Diversified Designs – Housewares
Spice Ratchet – Spice mills
Spidem – Electric espresso & cappuccino makers
Spode / Royal Worcester / Vista Alegre – Porcelain dinnerware
Spring USA – Cookware
Spyderco – Knives and sharpeners
Stanley – Range cookers and stoves from Waterford
Staub – French cast iron cookware, kettles
Staub USA – French cast iron cookware, kettles
Steel Pan Italia – Cookware
Sterilite – Kitchen and other storage products
Sterling Publishing Co – Cookbooks
Sterno – Liquid and gel fuel (Div Blyth Ind, Candle Corp of America
Stoelzle-Oberglas – German crystal
Stolzle – Stemware
Stonewall Kitchen – Award winning gourmet foods
Stroopwafels – Dutch waffles
Studio VERTU – Italian marble coasters and trivets
Sub-Zero – Appliances
Sugarpaste LLC – Crystal colors and decorating supplies
Sunbeam – Appliances, coffeemakers, scales
Sunpentown – Induction cooktop, dish dryer, and small kitchen electrics
Sunset Books – Cookbook publisher, including Oxmoor House
Supreme Housewares – Housewares and gifts
Supreme Marketing – Flatware, kitchen utensils and accessories
Swiss Diamond – Non stick cookware
Swiss Diamond International – Non stick cookware
SwissGold – Permanent coffee and tea filters and accessories
Swissmar – Peugeot pepper mills, cookware, kitchen utensils, Alpenrost

T-Fal – Non-stick cookware and appliances
T-Sac – Tea filters
Tablecraft – Kitchen wares
Tail Gator – Gas-powered blender
Takeya – Beverage servers and food storage
Talisman Designs – Stemware adornments, napkin rings, party picks
Tampopo – Japanese iron tea pots, dinnerware and accessories
Tango – Shatter proof beverageware
Tappan – Appliances (Div of Frigidaire)
Taylor & Ng – Track Rack pot racks, woks and Asian cooking utensils
Taylor Precision Instruments – Thermometers, scales
Tefal – Electric kitchen appliances
Teflon – From DuPont
Teledyne – Instapure water filters
Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts – Cookbooks
Teresa Beach – Polish pottery
Terra Coasters – Coasters and trivets
Terraillon – Scales and timers, water filtration and other household products
Tervis – Insulated drink wares
Thane – Le Presse, Pie Dart
Therias et L’Econome – French cutlery and accessories
Thermador – Stoves and ovens
Thermohauser of America – Bakery tools
Thermo-Serv – Thermal beverage wares
Thermos/Nissan – Vacuum insulated stainless carafes, mugs, etc
Thermos – Grills
ThermoWorks – Thermapen and other thermometers
Thirsty’s – Beermats, cocktail coasters and placemats
Thitrystone – Coasters, trivets and mugs
Thunder Group – Foodservice products
Tilia – FoodSaver vacuum sealers and accessories
Time Warner Trade Publ – Cookbooks
TN Casalinghi – Specialty Italian housewares
Toastmaster – A Russell Hobbs Brand, small kitchen electrics
Toddy – Cold water extraction coffeemaker
Tom David Inc – Unicorn pepper mills
Totally Bamboo – Bamboo kitchen accessories
Touch of Country Home – Garlic buster
Tovolo – Housewares
Townecraft – Cookware
Tracanzan Alfa – Housewares
Trade Associates Group – TAG – Table linens, dinnerware, towels, candles
Tramontina – Stainless cookware, cutlery, serving wares, utensils
Tre Spade – Meat grinders, coffee and pepper mills (Facem)
Triad Publishing – Books & yogurt cheese maker
Triangle – Kitchen tools
Tribest – Personal Blender
Tru Hone – Electric commercial knife sharpeners
Trudeau – Thermal carafes, pepper mills and housewares
True Brands – Bar and home accessories
TSM Products – Products related to meat and sausage making
TTM – Traitements Thermiques S.A. raclette and fondue
Tucker Safety Products – BurnGuard Home kitchen apparel
Tuit – Wine glass name tags and more
Tupperware – Plastic storage
Tuttle Publishing – Cookbooks
Twist – Sponges and other cleaners
Typhoon – Kitchen tools

Ulster Linen – Kitchen textiles
Ultimate Edge – Diamond sharpening steels, knife cases
Uncommon Threads – V-Tex chef apparel
USA Pan – Cookware and bakeware
Utica Cutlery – Kitchen tools

VacuVin – Wine Saver, bar accessories
Vagabond House – Stag horn, buffalo horn and silver handled accessories
Vance – Tempered glass, wood & poly cutting boards
Van Kempen & Begger/Lynns Concepts – China & stoneware dinnerware
Viatek – Household products
Vic Firth – Now Fletcher Mill pepper mills and rolling pins
Victorinox – Swiss Army cutlery and travel gear
Vietri – Wood and other kitchen serving wares
Viking Range – Stoves and ovens
VillaWare – Pizzelle, waffle and other electric makers, plus gadgets
Visions – Glass cookware (Div of World Kitchen
Virginia Dare – Flavors
Vita Craft – Water-less cookware
Vita-Mix – Blenders
Volk Enterprises – Pop Up® Timers
Vollrath – Commercial cookware & bakeware

Wabash Valley Farms – Whirley-Pop popcorn maker & accessories
Waechtersbach – Mugs, dinnerware, serving wares & accessories
Wagner Manufacturing – Original Wagner cast iron cookware
Waring Products – Kitchen electrics
Warp – Shelf liner
Waterpik Technologies – Instapure water filters and more
WayChem – E.G.G. ethylene gas guardian
Wearever – Cookware and bakeware (Div of Groupe SEB)
Weber – Grills
Weck Jars – Glass storage jars
Welcome Home Brands – Paper bakeware
West Bend – Kitchen electrics
Westmark – Kitchen tools
Weston Products – Specialty food processing products
Whirlpool – Appliances
White-Westinghouse – appliances (Div of Frigidaire)
Whitford – Manufacturers of non-stick coatings
Wild Eye Designs – Hand made beaded cutlery and glass bottle platters
Wiley & Sons – Click on Hospitality books
William Bounds – Pepper and spice mills
William Morrow & Co – Cookbooks (Div of Harper Collins)
Willow Specialties – Wicker
Wilton – Cake decorating, bakeware, kitchen gadgets
Wilton Armetale – Metalware cooking and serving products
Winco – Foodservice products
Wine Appreciation Guild – Wine accessories
Wine Cellar Innovations – Custom wine cellars and wine racks
Wine Enthusiast – Wine accessories, cellars, racking
Wine Things Unlimited – Wine accessories
Winsome Trading – Wood, marble, glass, acrylic & ceramic pantry wares
Wire World – Storage units and kitchen wares
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry – All American pressure cookers and canners
Witmer Products – Peanut butter mixer
WMF – Kitchen utensils
Wolfgang Puck – Stainless cookware
Woodform – Spice racks and other wood kitchen items
Woodland Foods – Baking ingredients
Workman Publishing – Cookbooks
World Cuisine – Imported culinary equipment
World Kitchen – Formerly Corningware
Wusthof-Trident USA – Cutlery, knife storage & gadgets

Y Line Product Design – The Golden Goose and other designer products
Yaya Imports – Spanish food, ceramics, cookware
Youngs – Cookie jars, canisters, baskets, etc
Yuan Lin – Cream whippers, soda siphons and cartridges

Zak Design – Mealtime products
Zanda Panda – Specialty molds
Zanger – Polish pottery
Zani Serafino – Cookware brands including Metalla and Mauritoni
Zassenhaus – Pepper, salt and coffee mills
Zenker – Baking supplies
Zeroll – Ice cream scoops
Zelco – Traveling gourmet products
Zojirushi – Bread machines, rice cookers, grillers, thermal containers
Zrike – Earthenware dinnerware, cookware & serving wares
Zyliss – Swiss kitchen tools, gadgets, Italian stainless gadgets

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