Pasta Board

Pasta and Pastry Board

There is nothing as convenient as a pasta board for kneading and rolling dough.
– The front lip sticks down in front of the counter edge, anchoring the board as you push and shove the dough around.
– And the back board keeps flour and other ingredients from going all over your counter.

Care for your wood pastry board by simply scraping off excess flour with a plastic scraper.

You shouldn’t need to wash the board, however if you do, be sure to oil it (using food-grade mineral oil) on a regular basis to keep the wood from drying out. Do not allow it to soak, nor to be stored in a humid environment, or where it will be affected by heat, which would over-dry the wood and cause it to eventually crack.

Pasta and Pastry Board on Counter

How to Order Fante’s Pasta and Pastry Board