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Are You Gellin’?

AgazoonThe bedrock of Molecular Gastronomy is the idea that you can re-engineer dishes into something new and fun in taste and texture – a sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Emeril. One of the best examples is in creating gels with AgaZoon, our feature this week as Molecular March continues.

Creating gels isn’t necessarily new; in fact, some place its origins as far back as 17th Century Kyoto, when Tarozaemon Minoya observed a dish made of “boiled seaweed left to freeze and thaw several times formed a substance presenting gelling ability.” Current applications are far-reaching – apart from the classic Jell-O dessert, we were able to make Concord grape “pasta” earlier this week. Working with a product like AgaZoon requires simple ingredients and a keen eye (the mixture must reach a boiling point, then be immersed in an ice water bath to set to produce the transformation.).  Many recipes simply call for a liquid and AgaZoon (and the above-mentioned hot/cold manipulation) to produce gels.  So just what is AgaZoon?

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