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Le Tour de Fantes

Dr. Yogi Bear, picnic PhD.

July 4th festivities bit into our blogging time, so we’re keeping it short this week…

One of the great sporting events on the planet, Le Tour de France, is currently rolling along. While allegations of cheating in recent years have tarnished the sport for some, it remains the world’s preeminent cycling race and home to some of the sport’s greatest dramas.  It also got us thinking of the the closest we’ll get to participating, which is riding our bicycle to a picnic.  And with July as National Picnic Month, what better way to celebrate than follow the old Yogi Bear maxim of grabbing your picnic basket and eating outside.

Taking a leisurely ride along Spruce St. (hello, bike lanes!)... crossing over to the Parkway for the scenic roll to Kelly Drive… picking a tree to plant yourself at while the local crew teams glide by on the Schuylkill. It’s all so…relaxing.

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