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Whip it!

The St. Patrick’s holiday marks week three of Molecular March, and brings us to arguably our tastiest trick yet: cream whipping. Among the more kid-friendly foods, whipped cream (and the siphons used to produce it) are an interesting tool in the molecular gastronomy arsenal. Sure, we’ve all had some variation in our time (Kool Whip, anyone?), but there’s a lot you can do to expand on the basic combination of cream and air. Plus, there is an undeniable bit of spectacle involved in freshly-whipped cream, versus lazily spooning the pre-made stuff onto your dessert plate!

This weekend, as Molecular March, um, marches on, we’ll be showing you how to use a cream whipper to create some intensely interesting flavors and textures. But first, let’s talk whipped cream essentials. Continue reading

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