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The Zassenhaus Manual burr grinder

The Zassenhaus Manual burr grinder

We’re at the midpoint of our Coffee Month feature, and it’s safe to say we’ve had an effective first half. We debated the French-ness of French presses, showed some step-by-step press tips, and peeked into the rich world of espresso and the macchinetta, with some chocolate espresso brownies to top it off. What’s in store for the second half? Glad you asked…

A recurring theme throughout the month, and with coffee in general, is choosing the right grind. The importance can’t be overstated. We’ll be talking about the difference between burr and blade grinders in-store (shameless plug alert!) this Saturday from 11-3. Today we’re going to visit just what different grinds mean and why it’s important to have the right one. What’s the difference between coarse and fine? Why does it matter? What are coffee oils? Can they go in my car? (Spoiler: No.) The answers to these questions and more await!

As a kicker, we’ll be talking in the store about the little-known (in this part of the world, anyway) but delicious Turkish coffee brewing method, which requires the finest grind around.

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