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Gadget Talk: Food Processors vs. Blenders

Cuisinart Smart Portable Blender

Six, count ’em six, different carafes. If you’ve got lots of blending to do, this machine is for you.

This week, we’ll be featuring an in-store demo of the Cuisinart Smart Portable Blender, a neat, multi-unit blender system that basically allows you to move from one blending project to another, and another, and another… without cleaning or rinsing your blender to start fresh each time. The quick pivot time between blends makes this a fantastic piece of machinery for families, for parties, or for people on the move – one of the best things about it is that the small blending jars double as to-go cups. There’s even a sixth cup that you can use as a mini chopper, adding even more functionality.

In short, there’s a lot to love about this blender – but this sort of multipurpose machine got us thinking about an important question that we hear all the time: What exactly is the difference between what a blender does and what a  food processor does? And which one do I need?

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