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Nadia’s Nut Surprise

Biscotti nella forma di Noci

Cookies in the Shape of Nuts

Pine Cone Tartlet MoldNadiaFor years, my favorite molds have been those which are commonly used to make tasty Hungarian Spice Cookies, and German walnut shaped cookies with scrumptious caramel and nut fillings. I love to use our pine cone shape molds, in which I have also made delightful shortbread cookies.

However after using our new stove top Nut Surprise iron from Italy, I discovered how much quicker and easier I was able to get a large quantity of evenly baked shells.

Noci-Filled-with-Raspberry-Whipped-CreamI love the traditional manner of making the pastry shells with the iron, and I love the deep cavities that can hold larger quantities and more types of fillings.

The nut shape is not only beautiful and delicious, but also suitable for all kinds of desserts, appetizers, and whatever else.

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Boston Brown Bread

NadiaBoston Brown Bread seems to have originated in Colonial New England, when their food resources dictated the most readily available ingredients and their creativity did the rest.

Boston Brown Bread Arturo

Our 10 year old taste tester gave my Boston Brown Bread the thumbs up!

Due to the limited availability of wheat, this bread was made with a mixture of rye flour, cornmeal, and wheat flour. Buttermilk and molasses are the additional ingredients in the most common recipes, creating a flavorful, savory taste. Boston Brown Bread is traditionally served warm and is a perfect accompaniment to baked beans on a cold winter day.

Because ovens were not commonplace in most households at that time, making bread by steaming it in a pot over an open flame was customary. Unlike oven baking that tends to dry, steaming this quick bread keeps it wonderfully moist, as it only cooks at water’s boiling point (212°F, or approximately 203°F for higher altitudes). This method helps to keep the bread from overcooking.

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Nadia’s Day for Soup

NadiaCold weather really puts me in a mood for a hot bowl of homemade soup. So as the first snowfall of the year came our way, with schools closed and the kids at home, I went for my favorite soup cookbook, Soup: A Way of Life, by Barbara Kafka.

I was planning for such an occasion, and made sure in advance that my pantry contained all the ingredients for recipes I had bookmarked.

Soup: A Way of Life, by Barbara Kafka

Soup: A Way of Life
By Barbara Kafka

Yellow onions
Unsalted butter
Dry white wine
Beef stock
Chicken stock
Salt and fresh ground pepper
Sliced French bread
Gruyere or Mozzarella cheese

The key to making this soup a success is properly caramelizing the onions. (I wish for a 7 quart Dutch Oven, which would be perfect for the recipe, but make do with my good 10-quart stock pot.)

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