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The Fab Five: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Finding the perfect cocktail is like finding true love; it requires a lot of persistence and leaves you a bit woozy at the end.

Twist 'n Sparkle

Bubbly times await!

So why not combine the two? Valentine’s Day is a great time to experiment with cocktails – there’s no better time than with your Valentine to try out some new drinks.

We can’t point to one dreamy drink as the template for all Valentine’s Day dinners. Rather, we wanted to spread the love around to what we think are the Top 5 Best Drink ideas for Valentine’s Day.

For your bubbly Valentine: Sparkling Long Island Iced Tea (adapted from the Twist n’ Sparkle)

Inspired both by New York and our upcoming in-store demo of the Twist n’ Sparkle system, the Long Island Iced Tea is a drink known historically for it’s combination of potency and flavor. True-to-form, the only ingredients are spirits and a bit of soda!

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