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Super Foods

Pizza crust is sort of like a bread bowl, right? Photo courtesy Zen Can Cook.

We’re almost a week away from America’s most popular sporting holiday. The Super Bowl has different meanings for many of us. For some, Super Sunday is the culmination of months of gut-wrenching fandom, the ultimate contest to determine if your team will end their season with the Vince Lombardi trophy held aloft, or if they’ll head home to a long summer filled with what-ifs. For those of us whose team didn’t make the big game? Eh, we’ll probably catch a few downs during commercials for the Puppy Bowl. I mean, it is still the biggest game of the season!

Now, everyone has their official, uber-hyped game day meals. That’s all fine and dandy, and we have some dynamite suggestions, too. But we also wanted to offer a few cautionary tips to help you avoid a super disaster at your game day party.

Tip 1: Stay away from soups

Imagine yourself strolling through the door with a Thermos (or Guy forbid, a Crock Pot) full of New England Clam Chowder. You won’t exactly be greeted as a culinary hero. Granted, the New England Patriots are representing the AFC in the game. This doesn’t mean you should take the Chowder Head idea literally! Continue reading

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