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Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Block

Using Himalayan Salt Blocks is a growing culinary trend!

Himalayan salt blocks and slabs are quickly becoming an exciting new trend in the culinary world.

Hand-cut from salt deposits deep in the Himalayan mountains, these thick pink salt slabs can be used for serving appetizers or cooking an entree right at the table.

Chill your salt block in the refrigerator or freezer for a few hours, and presto – you have a fun and interesting new way to serve fruit, sashimi, or any other cold food! It will no doubt have your family and friends talking for days.

Though salt blocks offer a beautiful way to present your food, their functionality extends beyond just a serving platter. Heat the block slowly on your grill, then sear some flank steak – it’s sure to be the perfectly salted star of your meal. For a new take on breakfast, heat the salt slab on your stove top, then fry an egg right on it! Feeling romantic? Check out this beautiful presentation of chocolate fondue on a salt slab – it’s sure to wow that special someone!

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