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Whisks: 101

Bedspring Coil Whisk

Bedspring Coil Whisk

With the new year, we’ve started bringing in new kitchen toys; namely, molecular gastronomy tools. Food shows like Top Chef have brought previously foreign techniques and tricks into our home kitchens at a staggering rate. Molecular gastronomy is a branch of food science where chefs use practical chemistry to plate wildly imaginative dishes, driven by presentations that are equal parts playful and artful. It’s a kind of cooking that makes us think and forces us to use different senses each time. What do whisks have to do with this? Glad you asked…

Plenty of molecular gastronomy is coaxing foods into forms through different means than we are used to. Take Maltozoon for example, which is a texturizer used as a bulking agent and to disperse dry ingredients. Its chief (and only) ingredient is Maltodextrin, a poly-saccharide used to (you guessed it) thicken foods. It’s also found in plenty of other sneaky places, such as commercial sweeteners like Splenda. There will be plenty of time down the road to detail molecular gastronomy. Today, we’ve also got other, more manual tools used to coax food into new and different forms. We’re talking about whisks…

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